International Space Station

I had a lovely chat with a gentleman this morning who excitedly told me about his holiday to Vegas, he was thrilled that he had managed to see the ISS crossing the sky while he was there.  He was quite surprised when I told him we could see the ISS from our very own back gardens in Cornwall, dark skies permitting of course!

The link below has the times and dates for viewing in Cornwall… for late nighters or early risers only…



Had a brilliant turnout for the STEMS induction last night in the observatory classroom. My personal thanks go to everybody who gave up their free time to be a part of a great idea. My thanks also go to Julia Newell and Alex Ledbrooke from STEMS for making it an interesting and fun evening.


WOW!!!! The Sky at Night and Astronomy Now magazines have published in this months issue, images of the Horsehead Nebula taken by The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) They are amazing, the detail is unbelievable!!!!!!